Monday, August 13, 2012

Zucchini and corn frittata

I am in love with spicy food. There. I said it. I know for all of you who probably have been eating spicy food their entire lives, that's no big deal. However growing up in Spain, spicy food wasn't the most common thing on earth. Even though Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan city, 'exotic' food restaurants haven't been widespread until very recently. 

So 4 years ago, when I moved to the US, a whole new world of foods opened for me. Literally. I lived a block away from an Indian restaurant and two blocks away from the most amazing Thai place. I could grab Chinese food across the street from work. I even got to eat free hot wings every Wednesday at the MIT bar. But still, spicy food wasn't my favorite. 

Don't get me wrong. I liked the flavor, but the heat would give me the most terrible heartburn for hours at a time. I tried really hard when I switched jobs and I got to enjoy homemade Indian food made by my labmates. It was delicious. Painfully delicious. So still, I would try to avoid any dish on a menu that had more than one spicy 'flame' next to it. 

Then I met the boy. The boy is a Texan. He's far from any stereotype you can associate with his origins, but he really likes spicy food. On our first date he made me the most unbelievably amazing chicken mole (his mole sauce is out of this world good) and on the following ones, every time we ate out, there was something spicy involved. So I fell in love with spicy food. Chili, Thai stir fry and hot fried rice are common things on our dinner menu and I crave spice daily. 

This frittata is not quite as spicy as I'd like it. (Funny huh?). But that can be solved by adding a few more jalapenos or maybe some habanero. Hot or not, it's delicious. The zucchini is tender and the corn kernels pop in your mouth as you chew. It's the perfect way to use your summer harvest and the recipe came from the fabulous Shutterbean. 

Spicy zucchini and corn frittata


And obviously... eggs! 8 of them. 

I used a yellow onion and 2 jalapenos, the original recipe used red onion and only once spicy pepper. Next time I think I'll add a habanero. Chuck your corn and slice the onion, jalapeno and zucchini. 

Preheat your oven broiler. 

In a large skillet (broiler resistant), sautee the onion until almost translucent, about 3 min, then add the jalapeno and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Add the zucchini and corn and cook until tender 7-10 min. In the meantime, beat your eggs in a bowl with a pinch of salt. Once the veggies are cooked, add your eggs and cook for about 4 min or until the top of the eggs is still runny but the frittata comes off the sides of the pan. At this point, transfer your pan to the oven and broil for about 3 minutes or until the top of your frittata is golden brown and delicious. Serve warm or at room temperature. We served it with sour cream and scallions.


Local Milk said...

This reminds me of a lighter version of the tortilla de patatas... I have to try it when I'm craving such a thing but don't want to feel terribly guilty. Oh. And both me & my other half are absolute fiends for spice. We even put cayenne in our chocolate milk.

Maria said...

Nenaaa estas en marxa ehh! Ha de ser bonissim!

olleta de la plana by CARMELA said...

Adriana, havia llegit com fer la frittata i encara no m'havia animat a fer-la però veient la pinta que té esta que has preparat tu i amb els carabasins cassolans que tinc al frigorific, no tardaré. Si els ordinadors tingueren una aplicació que puguera extraure els olors, estic segura que seria un plaer afegit a la vista que ja ho diu tot, ha d'estar bonísima! saludets

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