Saturday, February 13, 2010

San Foodisco

If you've been wondering why I haven't updated many things over the last week... the answer is, I went on vacation!!!

I had a nice, battery charging trip to San Francisco which involved lots of walking around (about 10 miles a day) and eating, drinking and enjoying one of the foodiest cities on the west coast.

My journey started with a visit to 'Sur la Table' which drove me completely crazy... anyone need whisks? cupcake liners? cookie cutters? more like, is there any baking/cooking item you've been dreaming about? they have it.

I have to admit it the store is a little pricy, but their cookie cutters where on sale so I got myself a cute frog, a starfish and a piggy. Now I have to mention that the lady said that they were all ocean animals except for the piggy. Well, just for the record dear lady, frogs don't technically live inside water... and specially not salty water...

Now as far as the food goes... let me mention a bunch places I stopped by for a refuel...

1. Cup-a-Joe on Post St. : Pastries, coffee, beer on tap and yummy sandwiches like this one...


2. Crepe o Chocolat on Farrell St. by the Macy's : Delicious hot chocolate is what I got there. They also have yummy crepes and everything's organic. A little too pricy but worth the shot if you're looking for an out of this world breakfast.

3. Boudin: find it in different spots on the city. This is the 'authentic sourdough' of San Francisco. Let me tell you, the bread is pretty good, but the pastries are not. Probably the worst chocolate croissant I've ever tasted. Plus I ordered a Cafe au Lait and they gave me warm milk and said, add the coffee yourself. Really? No thanks.

4. Caffe Trieste in North Beach. If you're looking for good, well priced coffee on a very bohemian environment, this is the place to go! 

5. Muddy Waters in Valencia St :  I found the place wandering around the neighborhood. The environment was great, the cookies were delicious and they have a great variety of bagels, pastries and sandwiches. 

6. Chocolate Heaven at Fisherman's Wharf: this is not technically a restaurant but I seriously needed a sugar refuel and this did the trick very well. They have everything from rocky road bars to bombons. It really feels and smells like heaven.

7. The ferry building: does not only include 'Sur la table' among it's stores but also specialty stores for mushrooms, cheese, fruit, chocolate, bread and several restaurants. You'll finde things as delicious as these...


8. Farmers market: last but not least, this market takes place 3 times a week also at the ferry building. They had fruit, veggies, preserves and delicious almond brittle that I took home with me. Seriously, if you're in town Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, give it a shot.

I certainly ate at other places, but they were certainly not good enough to mention. Like the italian restaurant across the street from my hostel or the thai two blocks away. 

This is my San Foodisco, which is yours?


Anonymous said...

Excelent! But I know what you did the last week: watched Lost!!

Debo said...

Adri! ya te he puesto en mi blogroll (te ha puesto mi hermana, que es la gestora del blog, que yo no me entero) Como mola SF, aunque donde esté NYC... :D A ver si cocinas, que hace mucho que no actualizas!

Mercè said...

Adri, no vas anar a menjar un gelat a Ghirardelli?? I per la propera, apunta les pastisseries Paulette, Delanghe i Miette. ;)
jejeje aquí el Sur la Table en tinc 3 ben a prop!! I no vegis el que costa resistir-se no entrar-hi! ;)

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