Thursday, September 2, 2010

BBD #33: Breads with booze Roundup Part 1 - Beer breads

Here it is! the round up of the BBD 33rd edition! Thanks so much for the huge participation and for being so enthusiastic about adding booze to your breads. Next month, instead of BBD, Zorra, the creator of the event, will be hosting the 5th World Bread Day. Get ready for it!

I've received a lot of recipes including beer so I decided to group them all in this first part of the roundup. Lots of great ideas! check them out!

Heather, 'Girlchef', from Indiana (USA), sends this yeasted beer bread

Lien, from Notitie Van Lien (Netherlands) made Anise and Guinness bread

Stefanie from Hefe und mehr (Germany) sent this Schwarzbier bread

Natashya from Living in the Kitchen with puppies, (Canada), made soft pretzels with beer

Lucy from Lucy Vanilla (London, UK), made this cute looking Rum cask beer bread, you can find the recipe here

Audax sent these great 3 variations on rye, golden syrup and beer bread all the way from Australia, recipe here

Lindsey, from 'A chance of Sprinkles' (Pittsburg) sent me this great Guiness date rye loaf

Judy from 'Judy's gross eats' (Ventura, CA) made this amazing sandwich bread, adding beer, Caraway cheese loaf

Finally, Marivi from Dias de cochura, sent a mustard and beer bread

Stay tuned for the second part of the roundup! Wine, rum and sweet breads are waiting for you!


girlichef said...

mmmmm....lots of beery, yeasty goodness! I want a loaf of each! Thanks so much for hosting this month and picking such a great subject ;)

natalia said...

Ciao Adriana ! All of these breads are fantastic, I'll have a lot of breads to try !

Carmen (Dulces bocados) said...

Ohhhhh Adri, però que és tot això, quina meravella de pans. M'encanten els pans que porten cervesa, tens un punt fantàstic.

Que tal les vacances??

CRIS said...

Jo, si hosé abans , han faig un per presentarme, m'encanta fer pans amb cervesa,genial totes les receptes.

redmenace said...

Every single one looks great! So wonderful, I can smell it!

Lien said...

Wonderful round up Adriana, thanks for all your hard work!!

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Who knew there were so many beer hounds?!
Love the loaves, thanks so much for the fun theme!

Caroline @ A Cozy Kitchen said...

One of my all-time favorite things to make is beer bread. I have a go-to recipe, but I may have to try some of these!

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