Sunday, September 5, 2010

BBD #33: Breads with booze roundup Part 2 - Sweet breads, red wine and other loaves

Here we go! second part of the roundup! Remember, this edition of BBD was about breads with booze and Part 1 was a roundup of the beer bread recipes. This time, we're mixing and matching breads with wine and sweet breads with a variety of booze. Check it out!

Also, I'd like to remind you again that next month BBD will instead be world bread day! hosted by the creator of BBD, Zorra. If you don't want to miss this event or the rest of BBD's you can become a fan on facebook. 

First let's check the sweet breads

Zorra from Kochtopf and who writes from Spain (yay!) sent this amazing almond liqueur flavored cornetti

Palmira from Come conmigo in Barcelona (another yay!) sends 'Panecillos suaves del borracho' which means soft drunk (as in a person) breads, they are sweet breads with red wine and spices.

My contribution to the BBD 33 were these Banana Bourbon Cinnamon rolls

Natalia from Gati fili e farina brings straight from Italy this delicious Crescia cingolana

Swathi from Zesty South Indian Kitchen sends the traditional German stollen  

Jamie from Life's a feast sent a Fouace Nantaise, a delicious brioche infused with rum

Andrea from Family & Food  in Germany sends Cinnamon Buns 

Mimi from Baking Fix (NY) sends Cinnamon comfort Buns

Now for the red wine and the rest of loaves, all very yum!

Sandra from Gesund Geniessen (China), sends this whole wheat bread with red wine

Verena from Mangia che te fa benne (Brazil) sends a Red wine walnut tin loaf

Nicole from Bread Butter and Buns sent this very typical Spanish torrijas de vino, super yum sort of french toast the Spanish way. (In my family these are a staple!)

Tanna from My Kitchen in Half Cups, sent this breakfast fruit bread, booze in your breakfast? sounds good to me!

Cinzia from Cindystar sent this Slim Pizza

Finally Jacqueline from Toxo Bread (VT) got a little late for the beer breads but here's her Guinness Rye


La cuina vermella said...

Quin recull més espectacular! Ets una amfitriona genial! ^^

CRIS said...

Guau! amb la de pa que estic fornejant aquests dies, aquí tinc un munt de receptes per on inspirarme, no sé per on començar. Els teus cinnamon buns amb borbon i platan temptan molt i molt!.

Maria said...

Nenaaaa, mare meva quin exit que has tingut!
llàstima que no hi he pogut participar, pero ara hi ha mil idees, m'encantaaaa!!
Muaks muaks carquinyoli!

Cindystar said...

thank you so much, adriana, for all your gret work!
2 yummy and sparkling round ups!
happy baking for ever!

redmenace said...

You had me at sweet + bread. Yum. They all look wonderful!

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